Roller derby is the fastest growing female sport around, and promotes healthy living and exercise for women of all ages.  It is an energetic, challenging, close-knit team sport that helps women grow stronger and more confident, both mentally and physically!  Playing roller derby can be difficult financially though, with the dues per skater exceeding $500 per year (not including gear), and each bout costing a minimum of $1500 to hold.  With your help as a sponsor we can make roller derby accessible and enjoyable for all!

What is in it for you?!

By becoming an SCRG sponsor, not only will you have all of our players talking about how great you are, but you’ll have our fans talking about you too!  Over the past few years, social media has become a growing outlet for our league to communicate with our fan-base.  We currently we have over 1200 followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and we are constantly working on building our fan base!  We post on social media weekly, sharing roller derby facts, dates of upcoming bouts, and community events.  We are planning to highlight our sponsored businesses on a weekly basis with Sponsorship Sundays, helping to advertise your business through our social media to reach new audiences.  And of course we’ll also spread the word of your awesome sponsorship through shout-outs and advertising at our bouts and events!


We would love to talk to you about sponsorship!  Our goal is to create long-lasting continuing  relationships in our sponsor partnerships.  We offer a wide range of sponsorship levels to match your businesses needs, including a Single Bout sponsorship if you’d like to start off small!

We’d love to chat with you about your sponsorship advantages!

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