May Slay!!! First bout of the season v. the Squamish Sirens.

What a great start into the season! We were privileged to play against the Squamish Sirens, great ladies & a fun game!

We are excited to have added many new rookies to our team this year, who all mastered their first game like champs, and overall it was an amazing experience for everyone involved. So much adrenaline, an amazing crowd, unbreakable team spirit, tons of camaraderie, and a tough but fair game we won’t forget!

Unfortunately we had one major injury when our tough Scabby Gash collided and someone’s skate hit her neck injuring her larynx. She is recovering right now & we wish her a speedy recovery!! You were amazing Gash!! <3

Much gratitude and thanks to our guest players who came out to support us, our mega supportive coaches, the amazing refs and NSO, DJ and MC, the hula hoop artist, all visitors, and of course the Squamish Sirens!

~ Luna RockIt

Scabby Gash!!